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Melissa Ferrick

Some photos I've taken of this singer-songwriter at gigs in Chicago:

[Uncommon Ground Coffeehouse - September 1998]
[Schuba's Tavern - 1996]

Schuba's Tavern, 1997
The Ferrick List crew at Schuba's in 1997:
Dave, Joe, "The Original Chicago Dave", [embarassing blank!], and "The Lone Wrangler", Patty

Other Interesting Ferrick links

[Deb's Melissa Ferrick Index] - includes info on how to sign up for the discussion list!
[Melissa's official website at W.A.R.?]
[Kim Luce's cool Melissa Ferrick website], including great photos!
[Alison's Ferrick Concert photos]. More to make you envious about gigs missed!
[Janss' Guitar Tabs]. A necessity for those who play
[Mining Company Interview with Melissa] on their Alternative Music site. September 1998. (Not sure how long they keep archives.) Uses Alison's photos and Kim's pages as links.

When you're done browsing here, be sure to check out Melissa's new (2000) record, "Freedom" on the W.A.R.? website. Follow the link to the Yahoo feature, and listen to the new album. (Then go back to the W.A.R.? website and order it, of course!)

[Carolyn's House of Music]

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