FRANCES BLACK: Don't Get Me Wrong

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Original Release date: 1998

Issue Formats:

Sony/Columbia 491421.2 (UK)


Declan Sinnott (all instruments except following); Eddie Lee (piano); Maria Mason (violin); Lynn Kavanagh (harmonies except following): Celine Carroll (harmonies on Don't Get Me Wrong); Jimmy Mac Carthy (harmonies on Love Song).

Track Listing:

  1. Don't Get Me Wrong - Celine Carroll (3:50)
  2. New York City - Don Mescel (3:14)
  3. Love Song - Lesley Duncan (3:30)
  4. Lost And Found - Kit Hain (3:56)
  5. A Kiss Doesn't Make It Right - Tony Kerr (4:22)
  6. Haven For My Heart - Brid Murphy (4:13)
  7. Love Me - Barry & Robin Gibb (3:20)
  8. That's How You Know It's Love - Stephony Smith (4:27)
  9. Everytime I Hear Your Name (I Cry) - Raif Denker/Sarah Usher (3:41)
  10. Let Me Down Gently - Tara Byrne (4:04)
  11. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? - Gerry Goffin/Carole King (3:38)
  12. Armed With A Broken Heart - John Gorka (3:27)

Album Credits:

  • Produced by Declan Sinnott
  • Arranged and Recorded by Declan Sinnott at his own studio at Temple Bar, Dublin
  • Mixed by: Ciaran Byrne
  • Technician Help/ReMastering: Frank Mc Namara
  • Photography: Conor Horgan
  • Make-up: Mary Bruton
  • Styling: Lola Simpson
  • Design: Image Now Consultants

Original sound recording made by Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Limited. The copyright in this sound is owned by Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Limited.

© Copyright 1998 Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Limited

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