Medieval and Renaissance Instruments used by the San Quilmas Consort

Instruments in illustration, from left, rebec fiddle, recorders, gemshorn flutes, Tambouran de Bearne and, in the background, Medieval drums. (Photo by Joan Snow)

Rebec. The Medieval ancestor of the contemporary violin and cello. It's played with a bow while the instrument is held in a vertical position.

Recorder. An end-blown flute popular throughout Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Gemshorn. A flute created out of the hollowed horn of a cow or ox. The large end is covered, except for a hole for blowing. Fingering and hole placement are much like the recorder. The haunting sound of the gemshorn is featured in a solo setting on cuts 4, 8 and 11. The gemshorn was originally made out of the horn of the now extinct gems ox.

Tambouran De Bearne. A cross between a guitar and a drum. It has three sets of strings grouped together that will produce a chord when struck with a hammer. It is limited, though, to playing three chords.

Rankett. A reed instrument used to provide a deep drone.

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