MARY BLACK: Babes In the Wood (EP)

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Mary Black: Babes in the Wood

Original Issue date: 1992

Issue Formats:

The Grapevine Label Ltd.: Grapevine CD GPS 3

Track Listing:

  1. Babes In the Wood (Noel Brazil) - from "Babes In the Wood" - GRA CD 008
  2. Sparks Might Fly (Noel Brazil) - from "By The Time It Gets Dark" - GRA CD004, 1987
  3. Carolina Rua (Thom Moore) - from "No Frontiers" - GRA CD005, 1989

Album Credits:
Produced by: Declan Sinnott
copyright © Original sound recording controlled by The Grapevine Label Ltd. 1992
copyright © The Grapevine Label Ltd. 1992
Manufactured by A-Z Music Services London (071) 323-5590
Marked & distributed in the Benelux by
Music & Words, Nederland.

In Association with PENTAX

Note: cardboard sleeve rather than jewel box

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