MARY BLACK: Without The Fanfare

Mary Black: Without The Fanfare

Original Issue date: 1985

Issue Formats:
Dara ??
Dara: ?? (Ireland)
Grapevine: GRAPECD 003 (England)
Gifthorse: G2-10005 (USA)
King: KICP 96 (Japan)

[Recorded for Dara Records at Lansdown Studios and Westland Studios: Autumn 1985]

The Band: Mary Black (vocals and harmonies), Declan Sinnott (guitars, hoarmonies and synthesisers), Philip Begley (synthesisers), Noel Bridgeman (percussion, drums and accordion) Doughan O'Neill (bass), Donal Lynny (bouzouki on "Neidin" and "Ellis Island") Carl Geraghty (alto sax on "There's a Train That Leaves To-Night"), Caroline Lavelle (cello on "Night Time")

* 12. Going Gone
Declan Sinnott (bass, drum machine, guitars), Brian Calnan (percussion), Pat Crowley (keyboards), Donagh Long (Engineer)

Track Listing:

  1. There's A Train That Leaves Tonight (Sinnot/Henderson)
  2. State of Heart (Jimmy MacCarthy)
  3. Nightime (Donagh Long)
  4. The Crow on the Cradle (Sydney Carter)
  5. Greatest Dream (Donagh Long)
  6. The Water Is Wide (Trad.; arranged Mary Black)
  7. Ellis Island (Noel Brazil)
  8. Strange Thing (Jimmy MacCarthy)
  9. Without the Fanfare (Mick Hanly)
  10. As I Leave Behind Neidin (Jimmy MacCarthy)
  11. Diamond Days (Jimmy MacCarthy)
  12. Going Gone (Alger, Dale & Koller)

Album Credits:

  • Produced by: Declan Sinnot
  • Assisted by: Philip Begley
  • Photographs by: Colm Henry
  • Artwork by: The Creative Department Ltd., Dublin
  • Special Thanks to:

    "Timmy McGann, Marie Fennell, and Patti Black"

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