MARY BLACK: Mary Black

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Original Issue date: 1983

Issue Formats:

Dara ??
Grapevine GRAPELP 001
Dara DARACD 002 (Ireland)
Grapevine GrapeCD001 (England)
Gifthorse G2-10004 (USA)
King KICP 94 (Japan)

Musicians: Declan Sinnott (guitars), Eoghan O'Neill (bass), Donal Lunny (synthesizer, bouzouki), Keith Donald (saxophone), Nollaig Ni Chathasaigh (also Nollaig Casey) (violin), Philip Begley (piano).

[Recorded at Lombard Studios: 1982/3??]

Track Listing (sides as on Grapevine release):

Side 1:

  1. Rose of Allendale (trad.; arranged Mary Black) (4:42)
    (liner note: "A version of this song comes from the Copper Family from Sussex in England. It is also sung by Dick Gaughan")
  2. Lovin' You (John Sebastian) (2:43)
  3. Loving Hannah (trad.; arranged Mary Black) (4:44)
    (liner note: "this song was given to me by Davey Brennan from Rathline, Co. Longford")
  4. My Donald (trad.; arranged Mary Black) (2:45)
    (liner note: "McDonald / an anti-whaling song written by Owen Hand")
  5. Crusader (Mick Hanly) (4:40)
    (liner note: "this song was written by Mick Hanley")

Side 2:

  1. Anachie Gordon (trad.; arranged Mary Black) (6:32)
    (liner note: "one of many songs learned from my brother Shay. He heard it from the singing of Nic Jones")
  2. Home (Karla Bonoff) (3:27)
  3. God Bless the Child (A. Herzog Jr./Billie Holiday) (4:57)
  4. Rare's HIll (trad.; arranged Mary Black) (5:50)
    (liner note: "I got this song from a recording of Cilla Fisher")

Album Credits:

  • Produced by: Declan Sinnot
  • Engineered by: Philip Begley

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