Original Issue date:
12 March 1997 (Japan);
14 March 1997 (Ireland);
18 March 1997 (US)

Issue Formats:

Dara ??
Dara CD 074
meldac (Japan)
Curb D2-77888

Musicians: Jerry Marotta (drums, percussion), Garvan Gallagher (bass), Bill Shanley (electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric high-strung guitar, mandolin), Pat Crowley (Hammond organ, accordian, piano), Frank Gallagher (fiddle, whistle. keyboards on track 9), Larry Klein (bass, bass guitars, drums, percussion, keyboards), Michael Landeau (electric guitar), Greg Leisz (acoustic guitar, lap steel guitar, pedal steel guitar, baritone guitar. Weisenborn guitar solo on track 6), Jim Cox (Hammond organ).

Guests on Vocals: Mary (backing vocals on tracks: 2, 3, 4), Mary and Paul Brady (vocals on track 7), Mary and Amy Kanter (backing vocals on track 9).

Track Listing:

  1. Shine - David Gray (4:38)
  2. One and Only - Scott Cutler - Annie Preven (4:01)
  3. Almost Gone - David Gray (3:36)
  4. Nobody Lives Without Love - Larry Klein - Tonio K. (5:05)
  5. I Misunderstood - Richard Thompson (3:49)
  6. Trespass Shoes - David Gray (5:21)
  7. I Will Be There, with Paul Brady - Paul Brady - John O'Kane (4:21)
  8. What Does It Matter - David Gray (4:17)
  9. Beautiful - Amy Kanter (4:14)
  10. Late Night Radio - David Gray (3:05)
  11. By the Hour - Larry Klein - David Batteau (4:19)
  12. hidden track: Two Dancers In the Dark - Paul Buckley (3:38)

Album Credits:

  • Produced by Larry Klein
  • Mixed by Tony Phillips
  • Engineering: Tony Phillips, Billy Robinson, Don Smith
  • Assistant Engineers: Dann Thompson, Peter Doel, Conal Markey
  • Sleeve Design: Cosmon Multimedia, Dublin.
  • Photography: Gwendolyn Cates.

Recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood Ca., except tracks: 1, 7 and 9 recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin. Paul Brady was recorded "down the line" to Los Angeles from Sound Studio in Melbourne via an ISDN link.

Mixed at Capitol Studios

Production Co-ordinators: Carrie McConkey, Damien McCollum.

Many thanks to: Paul Brady, Ray Davies, David Gray, Kathleen York, Sandy Robertson, Carrie McConkey, Tony Phillips, Paula Salvatore, Michael Frondelli, Dann Thompson and all at Capitol Studios. Catherine Rutter and all at Windmill Lane, Don Smith, Billy Robinson, Damien McCollum, Joe Donnelly, Hazel and Gary, Pat Armstrong, Kate Brady, Maeve Kearney.

Dedicated to the memory of Dave Early, a true friend and a gifted musician -- "Memories are treasures"

Paddy Prendergast, Steve Fernie, London
Tel: 0044-171 470 2888. Fax: 171 470 2889
Joe O'Reilly, Dublin
Tel: 478 1891 Fax: 478 2143

Joe O'Reilly, Dara Management
Tel: 478 1891 Fax: 478 2143

UK and Europe:
Paul Charles Asgard
Tel: 0171 387 5090 Fax: 0171 387 8740

Steve Martin, The Agency Group
Tel: 212 581 3100 Fax: 212 581 0015

Thanks to:
Claire Parr, Mike Curb and all at Curb Records,
Joe and Paul and all at Dara Records,
Paddy and Steve and all at The Grapevine Label,
Yoko Nozaki and all at Meldac Corporation,
Everybody at Kommunikation, Discmedi and CNR Music
(France, Germany, Norway and Benelux).
Bill Straw, Dennis Desmond, Pat Egan,
Pete Wilson, Mark Borkowski, Gareth Davies,
Keiko Kawashima, Paddy Gilsenan and CEI.

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