MARY BLACK: No Frontiers

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Original Issue date: 1989

Issue Formats:

Dara DARA 032
Grapevine ??
Dara ?? (Ireland)
Grapevine ?? (England)
Gift Horse D2-77308 (USA)
King KICP 30 (Japan)

Musicians: Declan Sinnott (guitars and harmonies), Noel Bridgeman (percussion and harmonies), Garvan Gallagher (double bass and harmonies), Pat Crowley (accordion, piano and harmonies), Carl Geraghty (saxaphone [sic]).

Special thanks to: Donal Lunny (synthesizer on "No Frontiers", "The Shadow", "Columbus", & "Another Day"), Mandy Murphy (backing vocals on: "Past the Point of Rescue", "Carolina Rua", "The Shuffle of the Buckled", "Another Day", "Fat Valley of Pain", "Say A Little Prayer", and "The Fog In Monterey"), Tony Davis (backing vocals on: "Past the Point of Rescue" & "Say A Little Prayer"), Caroline Lavelle (cello on: "The Shadow" & "Columbus"), Philip Begley (edit on "No Frontiers")

[Recorded Windmill Lane Studio 2, Dublin: April/June 1988]

Track Listing (sides as on Dara limited import edition/promo release):

Side 1:

  1. No Frontiers (Jimmy McCarthy)
  2. Past the Point of Rescue (Mick Hanly)
  3. The Shadow (Donagh Long)
  4. The Crooked Road (Carolina Rua) (Thom Moore)
  5. Shuffle of the Buckled (Jimmy McCarthy)
  6. Columbus (Noel Brazil)

Side 2:

  1. Another Day (Jimmy McCarthy)
  2. Fat Valley of Pain (Noel Brazil)
  3. I Say A Little Prayer (Bachrach/David)
  4. Vanities (Noel Brazil)
  5. The Fog In Monterey (Thom Moore)

Album Credits:

  • Produced by: Declan Sinnot
  • Recorded by: Dan Fitzgerald
  • Assisted by: Sarah McCann

  • Sleeve Design: Greg Tisdall
  • Photography: Colm Henry
  • Artwork: Shay Kennedy
  • Printed by: Massey Bros., Dublin

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