MARY BLACK: Saw You Running (EP)

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Original Issue date: 1994

CD: Dara DARA CDS 061

Tracks 1 & 2 taken from the forthcoming album, A Woman's Heart 2

  1. Saw You Running (Thom Moore); Musicians: Mary Black (vocal), Dave Early (drums/percussion), Garvan Gallagher (bass), Pat Crowley (accordion), Frank Gallagher (piano & harmonies), Declan Sinnott (guitar & mandolin, Harmonies)
  2. If I Gave My Heart To You, with Shane Howard (Jimmi Chi); Musicians: Mary Black (vocal), Shane Howard (guitar & vocal), Declan Sinnott (slide guitar)
  3. Another Day (Jimmy MacCarthy) (live)
  4. Don't Explain, featuring Carl Geraghty (Herzog/Holiday) (live) - recorded live direct to DAT from front of house, Cork Opera House, May 1993 by Billy Robinson; Musicians: Mary Black (vocal), Carl Geraghty (sax), Declan Sinnott (acoustic guitar)

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Painting - Women on the Hill Side George Russell (AE). Collection - The Armagh County Museum, Reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the Ulster Museum. [note: this artwork appears on the facing page of the interior of the digipak]

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