MARY BLACK: By the Time It Gets Dark


Original Issue date: 1987

Issue Formats:
Dara DARA 027
Grapevine ??
Dara ?? (Ireland)
Grapevine GrapeCD 004, 1987 (England)
Gifthorse G2-10013, 1995 (USA)
King KICP 70 (Japan)

Musicians: Declan Sinnott, Pat Crowley, Garvan Gallagher, Noel Bridgeman, Mandy Murphy, Carl Geraghty, John Sheehan, Caroline Lavells, Ona Ni Chairainer, Honor Heffernan.

[Recorded for Dara Records at Lansdowne Studios, Dublin, Summer '87]

Track Listing (sides as on Dara vinyl release):

Side 1:

  1. By the Time It Gets Dark (Sandy Denny)
  2. Schooldays Over (Ewan McColl)
  3. Once In A Very Blue Moon (Pat Alger/Eugene Levine)
  4. Farewell, Farewell (Richard Thompson)
  5. Sparks Might Fly (Noel Brazil)

Side 2:

  1. Katie (Jimmy McCarthy)
  2. Leaving the Land (Eric Bogle)
  3. There Is A Time (Johnny Duhan)
  4. Jamie (Declan Sinnot)
  5. Leaboys Lassie (trad. arranged Black/Sinnot)
  6. Trying to Get the Balance Right (Johnny Duhan)

Track added for all CD releases:

  • Moon River (Mancini/Mercer)

Track added for Gifthorse US CD release (1995):

  • Don't Explain (Holiday/?)

Album Credits:

  • Produced by: Declan Sinnot
  • Engineer: Dan Fitzgerald
  • Photography: Colm Henry
  • Artwork: Shay Kennedy
  • Other album notes:

    "Special thanks to Nick Daly, the staff at Lansdowne Studios, Joe, Marcie Fenwell, and to Tim Halloran for keeping Declan's guitars in shape."

    "To Declan for your time, effort and inspiration on this album - thanks - M.B."

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