Marilyn Rife

Alice Gomez

The deep, powerful sounds of the timpani combine with a variety of ethnic percussion instruments to create a sonic portrait of the changing seasons.

Environmental sounds, flute and synthesizer combine with the drums to create a unique series of compositions which feature many Native American rhythms.

1995 - Talking Taco TT-129.
U.S. distribution by Allegro Music, Canadian distribution by Holborne Distributing Co. Ltd.

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Album Tracks:

 1. Legends (6:00) [Note: 1 below]
 2. Flute Song (4:46) [Notes: 1 and 2 below]
 3. Season of Growth (4:31)
 4. Earth Goddess (5:32)
 5. Rainmaker (4:24)
 6. Vision Quest (3:42)
 7. Deer Dancer (4:59)
 8. Earth Drums (4:50)
 9. Ancestral Images (5:12)
10. Circle of the Seasons (4:35)
Total Time: 47:01

All tracks composed and arranged by Alice Gomez, Copyright © Musiquest (ASCAP) - All Rights Reserved)

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this recording benefits the Native American children of the Southwest through the Save The Children Program, 54 Wilton Road, Westport, CT 06880.

Note 1:

"Legends" and "Flute Song" also appear on Talking Taco compilation "Hearts, Hands & Hides" (TTCD 132) Copyright © 1997, Manufactured/Distributed in Canada by Holborne Distributing Co., Ltd. Distributed in the U.S. by Allegro Music.

Note 2:

"Flute Song" also appears on Talking Taco compilation "Wind Riders" Copyright © 1995.

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Marilyn Rife:
Timpani (kettle drums), percussion
Alice Gomez:
synthesizer, percussion
Madalyn Blanchett:

Percussion Instruments Used: Peruvian bombo, African basket rattle, African seed pods, Indian gourd cabasa, chulus (goat hoof rattles), guiro, maracas, claves, congas, bongos, concert tom-toms, marimba, Chinese Wuhan gongs, suspended cymbal, Native American dance bells.

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Production Credits:

Cover Art and Tray Card Typography:
Heeyoung S. Kimm
Inside Typography and Production:
Sound Recorders, Austin, Texas
Joe Treviño, Blue Cat Studios, San Antonio, Texas
Produced By:
Alice Gomez and Marilyn Rife
Executive Producer:
Ben Tavera King  
Special Thanks:
Orpheus Music/Adams Percussion for the use of their timpani and the San Antonio Symphony for the use of its concert percussion instruments.

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