Original Issue date: 1986

Issue Formats:
Dara DARA 023
Grapevine GRAPELP 008
Gifthorse ??
Dara 023CD
Grapevine ??

Musicians: Shay, Michael and Martin Black, Declan Sinnott, Pat Armstrong, Mairtin O'Connor, Garvan Gallagher, Paul Kelly; Frances Black, Mary Black

Track Listing:

Side 1:

  1. The Broom of the Cowdenknowes (trad. Arr. Black) (MV: Michael)
  2. Colcannon (trad. Arr. Black) (MV: Mary)
  3. The Motorway Song (Leon Rosselson) (MV: Martin)
  4. Tomorrow Is A Long Time (Bob Dylan) (MV: Frances)
  5. Donkey Riding (trad. Arr. Black) (MV: Shay)
  6. Will Ye Gang, Love (trad. Arr. Black) (MV: Mary)

Side 2:

  1. The Bramble and the Rose (trad. Arr. Black) (MV: Martin)
  2. The Ploughboy Lads (trad. Arr. Black) (MV: Frances)
  3. The Warlike Lads of Russia (trad. Arr. Black) (MV: Shay)
  4. Dark & Roving Eye (trad. Arr. Black) (MV: Michael)
  5. James Connolly (Patrick Galvin)(MV: Mary)
  6. Wheel the Perambulator (trad. Arr. Black)

Album Credits:

  • Produced by: Declan Sinnot
  • Engineered by: Dan Fitzgerald
  • Song Notes by: Shay
  • Sleeve design and Artwork by: Shay Kennedy
  • Photos by: Colm Henry
  • Painting by: Gerry Lawes
  • Other album notes:

    "For Mom and Dad"

    [notes taken from Dara USA vinyl]

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