De Danann: ANTHEM

Original Issue date: 1985

Issue Formats:
Dara ????
Dara: DARACD 013

Musicians: Frankie Gavin (fiddle, flute, viola, piano), Alec Finn (bouzouki, guitar), Martin O'Connor (accordion), Johnny McDonagh (bodhran), Mary Bergin (whistle), Jackie Daly (accordion), Mary Black (vocals), Dolores Keane (vocals), Maura O'Connell (vocals on Let It Be)

Track Listing::

Side 1:

  1. "The Wren's Nest" (F.Gavin; arr: De Danann)
  2. "Let It Be" (Lennon/McCartney; arr: Finn/Gavin)(LV: Dolores Keane)
  3. "Johnston's Hornpipe" (trad. arr: De Danann)
  4. "Connie From Constantinople" (trad. arr: De Danann)
  5. "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye" (trad. Arr: Black/Finn/Gavin/O'Connor) (vocals: Mary Black)*

Side 2:

  1. "Anthem For Ireland" (Desmond Leslie; arr: Finn/Keane/Gavin) (Vocals: Dolores Keane)
  2. "Jimmy Burnes and Dinkies" (trad. arr: De Danann)
  3. "Diglake Fields" (Phil and June Colclough; arr: Finn/Gavin) (Vocals: Mary Black and Dolores Keane)
  4. "Duo In G" (Guilliano; arr: Gavin/O'Connor/Finn)
  5. "Paddy's Lamentation" (trad. arr: Black/Finn/Gavin/O'Connor) (Vocals: Mary Black)

[recorded at Oranmore Castle by 'The Eerie Mobile', February 1985]

Album Credits:

  • Engineered by: John Dunford and Pearse Dunne
  • Assisted by: Pat McCarthy
  • Produced by: John Dunford/Alec Finn/Frankie Gavin
  • Executive Producer: Philip King

  • Cover
  • - Sleeve Design and Art Work: Alec Finn
  • - Cover Typography: Joe Boske
  • - Photograph: Peter Moody Meyer
  • Other album notes:

    Thanks to Joe O'Reilly, Anita Leslie, Sean McDonagh (the Quay Bar, Galway), Fast Track, Nancy Coen (Arran Travel), Marie Fennell.
    "Let It Be" - for Eileen Spain
    "Anthem" - for Brigitte

    Thanks to 'Ambiente'.

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