General Humbert: GENERAL HUMBERT

Original Issue date: 1975

Issue Formats:
Dolphin DOLC 5015

mixed instrumentals and vocals

Musicians: Mary Black (vocals), Steve Dunford (bodhran, bones), John Donegan (mandolin), Ruairi Somers (uileann pipes, tin whistles, bagpipes), Shay Kavanagh (guitar)

Track Listing:

Side 1:

  1. The Flogging Reel/Father Kelly/Bucks of Oranmore
  2. Bogey's Bonny Belle
  3. Uir Cnnoc Chein Mnic Chainte / Christy Tynan's
  4. Crazy Man Michael
  5. Napoleon's Retreat
  6. Martin (Who's the Fool Now)

Side 2:

  1. The Kid on the Mountain/Foxhunter's Jig / The Foxchase
  2. The Bold Princess Royal
  3. The Lonesome Boatman
  4. The Cock's Crow in the Morning/The Hag that Reared Me/Coppers and Brass
  5. Aonach Mhalla
  6. Bagpipe Solo

A second album, General Humbert II, was recorded by General Humbert on the Gael-Linn label, in 1978

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