MICHAEL BLACK: Michael - Shay - Martin BLACK

Michael Black: Michael - Shay - Martin BLACK

Original Issue date: ??

Issue Formats:
Independent Cassette

Track Listing:

Side 1:

  1. Eliza Lee (trad.) (MV: Shay)
  2. Fare Thee Well Cold Winter (trad.) (MV: Michael)
  3. Peat Bog Soldiers (anon.) (MV: Shay) *
  4. Midnight Mill (Jez Lowe) (MV: Michael) *
  5. Since Maggie Went Away (Sean O'Casey) (MV: Martin) *
  6. Old Moke (trad.) (MV: Shay)

Side 2:

  1. Roll On The Day (Allan Taylor) (MV: Shay)
  2. Pull Down Below (trad.) (MV: Martin)
  3. Broom Of The Cowdenknowes (trad.) (MV: Michael)
  4. Alabama John Cherokee (trad.) (MV: Michael)
  5. Peace Must Come (Paul Metzers) (MV: Shay) *
  6. Old Bones (Jez Lowe) (MV: Martin)

* Recorded live at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco July 1992.

Vocal Chorus: Mary and Frances Black

Album Credits:

Album Notes:

We've been singing together, as individuals and together with the boys since our childhood. As with many Irish families, emigration has taken its toll on ours.

Shay lives in Liverpool (known locally as the capital city of Ireland) and he has been closely involved with the folk and roots movements in England for many years. San Francisco has been home to Michael more recently and he has immersed himself in the music and Irish scene around the Bay area during that time. Martin still lives in Dublin and continues to sing and play music in venues all over the city. All three are fine musicians and singers who perform regularly as individuals and in various combinations with others in their own various cities.

This is a rare opportunity to hear them perform together, singing some of there [sic] favourite songs that they have collected from various sources over the years. We love singing with them; we're sure you'll enjoy listening to them

Mary and Frances Black

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