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Last updated: September 2005

The Current State of this Site

The Chicago Shows Calendar, and all of its parts, was the first component of my website, back in 1994-1995. Unfortunately, recent circumstances have combined - and conspired - to give me many excuses for failing to keep the database and pages updated. I greatly appreciate those of you who have visited the site over the past years - and apologize for my letting you down, if you've come here for an updated Celtic music fix.

A few upcoming Irish / Celtic music events are listed first.

Regularly-scheduled Irish/Celtic events - or regularly-scheduled events held at Irish/Celtic venues - are listed at the bottom of this calendar

For ongoing Irish/Celtic music, I refer you to the Celtic Venues List.

Further information on each venue listed is in the separate Venue List, but also linked to the venue abbreviations in this calendar. Strongly suggested: call venue first to confirm time and ticket information.

As a disclaimer, I am not associated with any of the venues listed, other than as an addicted customer.

Celtic/Irish programs on Chicago area radio stations

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Coming Events

Chicago Celtic Festival 2005 - on Chicago's beautiful waterfront

Chicago Celtic Fest 2005
Saturday September 17th and Sunday September 18th

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