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Last Updated (partially): 13 August 2002

The Current State of this Site

This Chicago Shows Calendar was the first component of my website, back in 1994-1995. Unfortunately, recent circumstances have combined - and conspired - to give me many excuses for failing to keep the database and pages updated.

I greatly appreciate those of you who have visited the site over the past years - and apologize for my letting you down, if you've come here for an updated music fix.

The Cool Shows and Regularly-Scheduled Shows & Sessions segments will be maintained (after all, they're shorter), but for acoustic / singer-songwriter / world music / celtic / progressive / etc. type music might I suggest several other online resources. In fact, in the time since I started my calendar, quite a few Internet resources have sprung up which address similar areas: folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter, and intimate club music in the Chicago area.

Substitute Resources

My Chicago Resources page includes links to several concert search engines (some of which are repeated below).

Venues - With and Without Sites

Several of my favorite Chicago venues have started up their own websites

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to listen to a concert in someone's living room? Well, house concerts are the answer!. (yes, Virginia, there really are house concerts). House concerts in the Chicago area:

Get In The House, Chicago, Illinois
Reservations Required. A donation of $10-$17 is requested, varying with the artist. To sign up for the invitation list, see the web site or contact

You can read more on the web site, but some artists featured at Get In The House have included: Kate Campbell; Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer; Kris Delmhorst; Ben Demerath; Cliff Eberhardt; Anne O'Meara Heaton; Andrew Kerr; Jennifer Kimball; Peter Mulvey; Mustard's Retreat; Louise Taylor; Martha Schuyler Thompson; Upsy Daisy; Sloan Wainwright; Christopher Williams; and Ina May Wool.

Some cool venues without websites - but see contact info in my venue listing - include:

Venue addresses and phone numbers

Concert Listing / Search Sites

Milwaukee Irish Fest is held each August in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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