Alice Gomez

Madalyn Blanchett & Marilyn Rife

Flute music inspired by Native American night chants and lullabies. Moods evolve from upbeat to reflective using multiple flutes, ceremonial percussion instruments, Yaqui-style harp and synthesizer. Musical influences include the Native peoples of the Great Plains as well as Mexico, Central America and South America. For all ages.

1996 - Talking Taco TT-130.
U.S. distribution by Allegro Music, Canadian distribution by Holborne Distributing Co. Ltd.

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Album Tracks:

  1. Sunset (4:54)
  2. Rising Sun (2:30)
  3. Eagle Dance (3:30) [Listen!]
  4. Twilight Skies (3:34)
  5. Father Sky (4:37) [Listen!]
  6. Dream Flight (2:58) [Listen!]
  7. Night Watch (3:43)
  8. While the Eagle Sleeps (4:27)
  9. Desert Wind (4:08)
  10. Evening Stars (3:30)
  11. Sacred Lands (3:57) [Listen!]

All tracks composed and arranged by Alice Gomez, Copyright © Musiquest (ASCAP, All Rights Reserved)

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Alice Gomez:
acoustic guitar, synthesizer, keyboard bass, percussion and chanting on "Rising Sun".
Madalyn Blanchett:
sopranino, soprano, alto and tenor recorders, and clay ocarina
Marilyn Rife:
percussion, keyboard bass, synthesizer
George Gregory:
Special guest and folk harpist on "While the Eagle Sleeps" and "Sacred Lands"

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Production Credits:

Alice Gomez, Madalyn Blanchett and Marilyn Rife
Executive Producer:
Ben Tavera King
Cover Art and Graphic Design:
Hee Young Kim
Typography and Graphic Design:
Keith Diehl
Recording Engineer:
Joe Treviño, Blue Cat Studios, San Antonio, Texas

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