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Alice Gomez with Madalyn Blanchett and Marilyn Rife:


"Obsidian Butterfly" - (Silver Wave: 1999)
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The melodic sounds of ancient flutes are woven with a multitude of exotic percussion instruments to evoke the mystery and lore of Native peoples of the Americas. The music on this recording celebrates the various splendors of the earth, including scenic landscapes and ancient ruins. On Silver Wave Records.

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"Flute Dreams" - (Talking Taco: 1994. [1, 2])
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A collection of compositions featuring the flute and reflecting the cultural heritage of the Native peoples of the Americas. The music ranges in scope from primal to symphonic and uses an array of instruments including Native American drums and rattles as well as synthesizers. A unique sound is created on various selections by several flutes playing in unison.

The musical instruments selected for this recording were carefully chosen in an attempt to imitate the haunting sounds of [Gomez'] ancestors. Electronic instruments were also used in this recording strictly for textural enhancement, and not authenticity.

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"Journeys of the Flute" - (Talking Taco: 1995. [1, 2])
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Flutes, often playing in unison, take listeners on a unique journey tracing the migrations of Native people from the American Great Plains to the Andean mountains. Flutes are framed by a variety of instruments, including percussion, guitar and synthesizer.

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"While the Eagle Sleeps" - (Talking Taco: 1996. [1, 2])
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Flute music inspired by Native American night chants and lullabies. Moods evolve from upbeat to reflective using multiple flutes, ceremonial percussion instruments, Yaqui-style harp and synthesizer. Musical influences include the Native peoples of the Great Plains as well as Mexico, Central America and South America. For all ages.

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Marilyn Rife with Alice Gomez:

"Seasons of the Drum" - (Talking Taco: 1995. [1, 2])
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The deep, powerful sounds of the timpani combine with a variety of ethnic percussion instruments to create a sonic portrait of the changing seasons.

Environmental sounds, flute and synthesizer combine with the drums to create a unique series of compositions which feature many Native American rhythms.


With Marimba Quest:

"Incidents of Travel" - (Talking Taco: 1991)
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An upbeat world music/jazz tour of the Americas guided by the marimba, an instrument with roots in the rainforests of Central America. Instrumentation includes two marimbas, acoustic guitar, bass and percussion. Musical influences range from Brazil and the Dominican Republic to Mexico and the Andean region of South America.

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"Latin Christmas Carnival" - (Original release: "Christmas Carnaval" Talking Taco: 1992; re-released 2001 as "Latin Christmas Carnival". [1, 2])
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A program of traditional Christmas tunes and four original compositions spiced with a Latin American/Southwestern flair. Instrumentation features dual marimbas, classical guitar and percussion.

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With San Quilmas Consort:

"Miracles & Mountains" - (Iago, 1995)
 [About "Miracles & Mountains"]

An ear-catching selection of compositions with Celtic and Gregorian chant influences. By using a variety of Medieval secular and liturgical music as a jumping-off point, composer Alice Gomez presents a unique take on what is usually considered "ancient music." She takes such Renaissance and Medieval dance forms as the galliard and courante and faithfully presents their melodies and rhythms in arrangements that call for synthesizer as well as such period instruments as the gemshorn flute, rebec and recorder - giving a new sound to music which recalls an era of mist-shrouded castles, awe-inspiring cathedrals and lively peasant dances.


On compilations:

"Wind Riders" - (Talking Taco: 1995. [1])
Tracks/Albums: Civilizations Lost and Mystic Temple from "Flute Dreams", Flute Song from "Seasons of the Drum", Forgotten Empires from "Journeys of the Flute"
 [Order "Wind Riders"]

A unique collection of compositions by several leading performers of Native American-influenced flute music. On this release the flute combines with a variety of instruments, including ceremonial drums, synthesizers, and sounds of nature to present a unique journey into the music of the Native American Flute.

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"Hearts, Hands & Hides" - (Talking Taco: 1997. [1, 2])
Tracks/Albums: Legends and Flute Song from "Seasons of the Drum" (1995)
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The exciting drumming traditions of the Americas -- ranging from Native American drumming of the Great Plains to the tropical rhythms of the rainforests -- are featured on this unique release.

The drums are framed by a variety of instruments including the Native American flute as well as nature sounds to draw the listener into the power of the rhythm.


"French Blend: Celtic Music's French Odyssey" (A unique anthology of Celtic & Renaissance music with ties to France, Wales, and Scotland) (Iago Music: 1998.)
Tracks/Albums: Earthly Delights, Shepherd's Danse, Seafarer's Galliard, Courante, Majestic River, Celtic Dreams from "Miracles & Mountains" (San Quilmas Consort, 1995)
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The unique Celtic music on this CD anthology comes from the "Paradise of the Celts", one of the nicknames given to Brittany. Brittany has its own sound, instruments and an unmistakable French flair. In addition to standard Celtic instruments such as the harp and fiddle you'll hear the distinctly Breton bombarde with its reedy sound and tambouran de bearne, a cross between a guitar and a drum. ... In addition to the Celtic stew of Breton, Scottish and Welsh music on this CD there are examples of how Celtic/Breton music influenced the music of the Renaissance and Baroque eras.


"Weaving the Strands: Music by Contemporary Native American Women" (Red Feather Music, 1998)
Tracks/Albums: Earth Prayer from "Flute Dreams" (1994), Evening Stars from "While the Eagle Sleeps" (1996).

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"Flavors of the Drum: Native Rhythms & Recipes" (Talking Taco Music, 2000)
Tracks/Albums: Journey to the Yucatan and Danzantes from "Journeys of the Flute" (1995).

(Native American recipes collected by Southwestern food writer, Marcia Keegan, are included inside the CD booklet.)

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"songs of the spirit, volume 2" (Triloka, 2000)
Tracks/Albums: Desert Wind from "While the Eagle Sleeps" (1996).


"Prayer for Peace" (SilverWave Records 2000)
Tracks/Albums: Pyramid Temples from "Obsidian Butterfly" (1999).


Distribution notes:
[1]: Distributed in the U.S. by Allegro Music
[2]: Distributed in Canada by Holborne Distributing Co. Ltd.

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