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Samples of Marimba Quest's music are available for listening via the Internet in three formats: .WAV, .AU, and Real Audio®. A free RealAudio player for various platforms can be downloaded from the Real.Com website.

If you have not listened to music through your browser before - or if you have questions about how to play these samples - see the soundhelp file. In particular, note that the quality of the sound you hear can depend on many things - from your computer's speaker to the time of day you connect to this website.

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These excerpts from Marimba Quest's music are intended as samples of what you can enjoy on the full recordings - - which can be Ordered from Musiquest.

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[Album Art]
Latin Christmas Carnival

Marimba Quest

Talking Taco Records, 1992, re-released 2000

Track .WAV file .AU file Real Audio® 3.0
Jingle Bells Mambo: (466 KB / 1 min.) (466 KB / 1 min.) RealAudio 3.0
Deck The Halls: (567 KB / 1:12 min.) (567 KB / 1:12 min.) RealAudio 3.0
The Shepherds of Argentina: (302 KB / 38 sec.) (302 KB / 38 sec.) RealAudio 3.0
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing: (519 KB / 1:06 min.) (519 KB / 1:06 min.) RealAudio 3.0
Festive Huapango (392 KB / 49 sec.) (392 KB / 49 sec.) RealAudio 3.0
Silent Night (789 KB / 1:38 min.) (789 KB / 1:38 min.) RealAudio 3.0
Colorful Lights: (499 KB / 1 min.) (499 KB / 1 min.) RealAudio 3.0


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[Album Art]
Incidents of Travel

Marimba Quest

Carnaval: RealAudio 3.0
Raindrops: RealAudio 3.0
Marimbas of Antigua: RealAudio 3.0
Rain Dance
(Alice Gomez & Marilyn Rife)   
RealAudio 3.0
Cafe Merengue RealAudio 3.0
Festive Huapango RealAudio 3.0


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