MARY BLACK: Collected

 [95K .GIF of Gifthorse CD booklet]

Original Issue date: 1984

Issue Formats:

Dara: ?? (Ireland)
Gifthorse: G2-10006 (USA)
King: KICP 95 (Japan)

Note: the track list following is taken from the CD, and is NOT the listing for the original pressing of this disk

Track Listing:

  1. Song For Ireland (Phil Colclough) - 1988 version
  2. Mo Ghile Mear (trad.) - General Humbert II, 1982, Gael-Linn CEF 095
  3. Men of Worth (Archie Fisher) - rec. 1984, Windmill Lane Studios
  4. Fare Thee Well My Own True Love (trad.) - General Humbert II
  5. She Moves Through the Fair (trad.; arranged Mary Black) - recorded 1984, Windmill Lane Studios
  6. Both Sides The Tweed (Dick Gaughan) - recorded 1984, Windmill Lane Studios
  7. Hard Times (Stephen C. Foster) - De Danann: Song For Ireland 1983, Cara CARA 001
  8. I Live Not Where I Love (trad.) - De Danann: Song For Ireland
  9. Isle of St. Helena (trad.; source Steve Turner) - General Humbert II
  10. My Youngest Son Came Home Today (Eric Bogle) - recorded 1984, Windmill Lane Studios

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