Alice Gomez

Madalyn Blanchett & Marilyn Rife

A collection of compositions featuring the flute and reflecting the cultural heritage of the Native peoples of the Americas. The music ranges in scope from primal to symphonic and uses an array of instruments including Native American drums and rattles as well as synthesizers. A unique sound is created on various selections by several flutes playing in unison.

Native tribes, throughout the history of the Americas, believed playing a flute or a variety of flutes would bring on special dreams of the past or of sacred places. These compositions, by Alice Gomez, reflect special sites and rituals of America's Native peoples over the ages and, in effect, conjure dreams of these past cultures. Gomez, of Mexican Indian heritage, says:

In my recent travels to Santa Fe., N.M., I had the opportunity to visit the various pueblos and cave dwellings surrounding the area. I found myself living in a time other than the present.

In exploring the cave dwellings at Bandelier National Park, I could not help but feel a strong spiritual presence. From the actual homes built into solid rock, to the sacred kivas, I could see how my ancestors lived and could almost hear the ancient whispers of their voices. I've always had a fascination with ancient civilizations; their customs, religion, lifestyle and the role of their music in their societies.

In creating the compositions for "Flute Dreams," I specifically wanted to focus on the musical styles of the Aztec, Inca and Mayan People. These were people existing as early as 500 B.C. The musical instruments they played included flutes, drums covered with animal skin, rattles, gongs, stringed instruments, conch shells and crudely made marimbas.

The musical instruments selected for this recording were carefully chosen in an attempt to imitate the haunting sounds of my ancestors. Electronic instruments were also used in this recording strictly for textural enhancement, and not authenticity.

1994 - Talking Taco TT-125.
U.S. distribution by Allegro Music, Canadian distribution by Holborne Distributing Co. Ltd.

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Album Tracks:

  1. Mystic Temple (5:50) [Note: 1 below]
  2. Ancient City (5:46)
  3. Civilizations Lost (3:16) [Note: 1 below]
  4. Pyramid of the Sun (3:14) [Listen!]
  5. Where Eagles Pass (3:02)
  6. Earth Prayer (3:29) [Listen!]
  7. Clouds Dancing (3:45) [Listen!]
  8. Aztlan (4:02)
  9. Teotihuacan (4:16) [Listen!]
  10. Sierra Madre (4:27) [Listen!]

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this recording benefits the children of the Taos Pueblo through the Save The Children Program / 54 Wilton Road / Westport, CT 06880

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Note 1: "Mystic Temple" and "Lost Civilizations" also appear on Talking Taco compilation "Wind Riders" Copyright © 1995.

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Madalyn Blanchett:
Alto Recorder, Sopranino Recorder and Soprano Recorder.
Alice Gomez:
Guitar, Percussion and Synthesized Bass, Harp, Voices and Wind Effects.
Marilyn Rife:
Marimba, Synthesized Bass, Percussion

Percussion Instruments Used: Peruvian bombo, congas, bongos, marimba, Wuhan gong, suspended cymbals, Indian drum, cricket, gourd, rattles, dance bells, Pakistani tambourine, guiro, shakers, cabasa.

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Production Credits:

  • Cover Art and CD Design: Randy Felker
  • CD Typography and Production: Robert Lopez, Sound Recorders, Austin, Texas
  • Recorded At: Elephant Tracks/Blue Cat Studio, San Antonio, Texas
  • Engineer: Joe Treviño
  • All Tracks Produced and Arranged by: Alice Gomez
  • Executive Producer: Ben Tavera King

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