VARIOUS: A Woman's Heart

A Woman's Heart

Original Issue date: 1992

Issue Formats:
Dara ??
Dara ??
Dara: DARTE CD 158 (Ireland)
Gifthorse: (USA)

Musicians: as credited on original recordings cited

Track List:

  1. Only A Woman's Heart: Eleanor McEvoy with Mary Black (recorded for the compilation)
  2. Caledonia: Dolores Keane ('Dolores Keane' - DKLP1)
  3. Vanities: Mary Black ('No Frontiers' - DARA032)
  4. Blackbird: Sharon Shannon ('Sharon Shannon' - ROC 8)
  5. Wall of Tears: Frances Black ('Frances Black & Kieran Goss' - CBM003)
  6. Summerfly: Maura O'Connell ('Western Highway')
  7. The Island: Dolores Keane ('Light In A Cage' - DKLP2)
  8. I Hear You Breathing In: Eleanor McEvoy (recorded for the compilation)
  9. Sonny: Mary Black (not previously issued on an album)*
  10. Coridino: Sharon Shannon ('Sharon Shannon' - ROC 8)
  11. Living In These Troubled Times: Maura O'Connell ('Maura O'Connell' - TFC BLB 5007)
  12. After The Ball: Frances Black (Arcady: 'After The Ball' - DARA 037)

Album Notes: 'The Potato Gatherers' George Russell Collection - The Armagh County Museum, Reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of The Ulster Museum

Design: Shay Kennedy

Special thanks to the following who helped with the compiling of this album [my abbreviation of album/track references as above]: 57th Street [Tracks 6 and 11]
- Round Tower Music [Tracks 2 and 7]
- Solid Records [Tracks 4 & 10]
- Eleanor McEvoy [Tracks 1 & 8]
- Arcady [Track 12]
- Mary Black [Tracks 3 and 9]
- CBM Records [Track 5]
and to Michael Croke for the concept.

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