Ring Them Bells:
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April 16, 1995

My Musical Fantasy Night # 3

Guests for the third night - coincidentally Easter Sunday - included
Mimi Farina and the Indigo Girls,

 [Joan and Mimi]  [Amy and Joan]

 [Gabe and Joan] And an unscheduled guest - Joan's son Gabe.

All those hugs ....

OK, so I'm seeing this series of recording sessions in terms of a gathering of friends - old and new ... Joan and her old and new songs, Joan and the various musicians from her past and present, the audience and their memories of their *first* Joan, me and my circle of old and new 'net friends ....

This was also the night that the club set out a chain for the waiting line for "standing room" at the same time as they set out the chain for general admission (seated) tickets.

The club was tremendously crowded - but the crowd was very quiet and respectful. I was amused to realize that it was the first - and only time I expected to be able to be 10 feet from the Indigo Girls, and 1) stay seated, 2) see them the entire time, and 3) hear all their lyrics! (yes, Girls fans are enthusiastic in their appreciation of the music and performance)

This night included perhaps my favourite song performance from the entire series of shows - and unfortunately one which is not on "Ring Them Bells" - the unaccompanied rendition of "The Water Is Wide" by Amy, Emily, and Joan.

The Night's Set List:

(again, thanks to Amy)

2nd set

at this point, the tape ran out (amid whispered consultations with the sound technician). And, in the interim, Joan produced for us:

then, tape firmly in place, the show proceeded ....

Each of the nights was special. Pick a ticket. Come and join in!

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