What Does Mary Black Sound Like?

Since I first put up my Mary Black discography page, some of the e-mail I have received asks what Mary Black sounds like. Although I admit that I became addicted to her voice and music after listening to that first, gift, album, the sound of Mary Black is still difficult to describe. In a conversation of messages several years ago on Compuserve's MusicArts Forum about magical voices in music, aptly titled Voices to Make One Cry, various adjectives were explored in an attempt to describe voices of the artistes; among the terms used (and the artistes to which they were applied) were:

in press clips, Mary's voice is frequently described as achingly pure. In the end, I leave it up to the listener! The voice seems to find its own place in each listener's heart and head.

Because I am maintaining this website as an individual, not representing either Mary Black's management or any of her record labels, it is inappropriate for me to provide sound samples, myself. There are, however, other sites on the Worldwide Web which have samples available.

Keep in mind that the sampling and sound quality of these clips is only a small taste of the sound of Mary Black - which, to my ears and heart, also incorporates the strength of song selection. Also, over her years of performing, her sound has ranged from unaccompanied - or very barely accompanied - traditional songs, with General Humbert, De Danann and her initial solo effort - to jazz cabaret (Don't Explain), rock (Raven In the Storm on Circus), and ethereal backing vocals on others' recordings (particularly Frances Black's The Sky Road and Shay, Michael and Martin Black's new What A Time)

I hope these samples entice you to delve further into the magic which is the song selection, voice, harmonies, and backing band musicians that make up the sound of Mary Black!

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