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This as been prepared from my personal collection, and comments and additions received from others. Appreciation is extended to Amy P., Noel Lackey from West Meath, Hans-Juergen Buck, Alan Officer, Mark Van Setten, Paul Hartman of Dirty Linen magazine, and Nick Freeth of Gleneagle Productions.

Online RealVideo appearance

Prior to her 18 June 1998 appearance at The Quest in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mary appeared on the KTCA NewsNight Minnesota program, with Pat Crowley (keyboards) and Bill Shanley (guitar). She performed a Shane Howard song, "Give A Little Now", and part of "By The Time It Gets Dark, as well as speaking for a brief interview. The June 17 program has been retained in the NewsNight Minnesota RealVideoArchives for June 1998. If you have the Real Player with Real Video capabilities, you can view the segment with part of "Summer Sent You" behind show credits, the brief interview, and Shane Howard's "Give A Little Now" or the portion of By The Time it Gets Dark" under the closing credits. (For the Minnesota fans, the entire 30 minute program of commentary, news, etc. is available as well. Thanks to Rich Brown for information about this program. Note that the video will probably not be very smooth, particulary during busy times on the net - in fact, it will likely come across as a series of stills. But the audio is generally quite clear.

A free RealPlayer™ for numerous computer platforms can be obtained on the Real.Com website: Note that the free player works just fine - it is not necessary to purchase a player.

Video appearances:

Live at Royal Albert Hall (1992) - 1 hour concert
(available in PAL; not sure if it is available commercially in NTSC). Note: the band at this time includes Eleanor McEvoy on fiddle and keyboards.
Bringing It All Back Home (Hummingbird HB10092) 1991
a Hummingbird Production for BBC 2 Television (Northern Ireland) in assoc. with R.T.E.

one-hour edited version shown on Disney Channel (in the US) in 1993; won Emmy Award 1994. Commercially available with above number

Sonny: Emmylou Harris, Dolores Keane, Mary Black
Some additional interview footage
The Late Late Show Tribute to Sharon Shannon (RTE Video) 1993
(available in NTSC and PAL formats; no product number)
A 1:45 programme with various musicians appearing in a tribute to Sharon Shannon; includes all the women from A Woman's Heart, plus others.
Hogmany Live!
New Year's Eve 1994 from Glasgow, Scotland
Live programme broadcast from Glasgow. Information wanted on other guests and on Mary's songs
Hogmany Live!
New Year's Eve 1995 from Glasgow, Scotland
Live programme broadcast from Glasgow, with appearances by Mary Black, Frances Black, Capercaille, Nanci Griffith (from Austin), Runrig.
The Music of Ireland
An early 1995 performance by Mary Black at Donnybrook Dublin (apologies for the spelling - corrections accepted), with Emmylou Harris as guest was filmed by The Nashville Network and RTE, and later aired on both US and Irish television. The total show was edited into two different sets of songs for airing in the two different countries, featuring more solo work by Emmylou Harris on the Irish version. I also noticed that the Irish version got 1) more material, and 2) more of the spoken introductions to songs
The Nashville Network - US - March 1995
[Mary Black unless otherwise indicated]
RTE - Ireland - August/September 1995
If anyone can fill in more details of the show (like if they were there!!) let me know
Music City Tonight
The Nashville Network 'talk show'; Mary Black performs "Soul Sister" and talks with hosts.
US air date: March 1995
TransAtlantic Sessions - BBC2 - Spring 1996
6 30-minute programmes, hosted by Shetlander Aly Bain and New York's Jay Ungar. The series was a Pelicula Films production for BBC Scotland, with programmes directed by Mike Alexander and produced by Douglas Radie. (note: a 7th show was aired in Scotland only). Information on programs 3-6 follow.
Program 3: Friday, 12 April: guests included Rod Paterson, Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh, Mary Black and Emmylou Harris, John Martyn and Kathy Mattea, Karen Matheson (Capercaillie) and Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Savourna Stevenson, Mark O'Connor r.
Program 4: Friday, 19 April: guests included Emmylou Harris, Dick Gaughan and Anna and Kate McGarrigle; Mary Black, Davy Spillane, Karen Matheson.
Program 5: Friday, 7 May: guests included Michelle Wright, Iris DeMent and Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh; John Martyn, Danny Thompson, Kathy Mattea, Dougie MacLean, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Emmylou Harris, Mark O'Connor.
Program 6: Friday, 10 May: guests included Emmylou Harris, Guy Clark, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Iris Dement, Karen Matheson, Mark O'Connor, Martin Bennet, Phil Cunningham.

US morning television programme with regular news, weather, and talk segments. The show spent a week filming in the UK; the first day was in Dublin, with Mary as a guest. I have no more information on it, as I neglected to set my VCR to catch the show!

US air date: 6 May 1996

Radio Specials

A Woman's Heart - BBC2 - January 1994.
Interviews with many of the various woman musicians appearing on the first and second Woman's Heart albums. Includes some comments by Mary Black, Frances Black, and Joe O'Reilly, as well as small excerpts from songs.

Across The Water - BBC2 - December 1995 / January 1996.
Gleneagle Productions Four 30 minute programmes, introduced by Mary, and featuring songs and tunes by musicians who influenced her. programme description.

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