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The House of Music has arisen from a synergy of my interests in music and technology. Over the years, some musicians' voices - instrumental, vocal, lyrics - have risen out of the vast landscape of music to catch my attention.

Vocalists, instrumentalists, songwriters, singers who select & cover songs, outspoken in their views or separating private opinions from public/musical lives, local bands or internationally known - diverse - but they all draw me into their music with their lyrics and the combination of voice & instruments in striking harmonies, or with the intensity and fire of their instrumentals. I'm transported to another place - or more at ease in the present.

This is not to say that they are better than other musicians. Nor have all remained among my touchstones.

Only that their musical creation generated a spark that made a special connection with my heart or head, emotions or intellect.

(Not to mention the fact that you can meet some pretty interesting and neat people in pursuit and enjoyment of this music! Some of these friends through music.)

This Favourite Artists collection of web documents is intended to try to share with others these special finds, as well as to give folks browsing the Web an insight into who Carolyn is (thinking here, "why would I want to do that to several thousand or more people who I don't know personally????"). Not to mention the much more likely reason: an attempt to convert those of you reading this to my own excellent musical tastes (a much more likely reason!).

In the pages or screens that follow, I offer opinions, current - or somewhat current - favourite CDs for listening, discography / bio / tour information for some of my favourite artists and bands, and links to a variety of websites on these artists.

Some of the pages listed and linked are mine (personal passions or business projects), and others are created and/or maintained by other people on the net - record labels, otherwise under aegus of the artist, or by fans.

If you find a broken link, please let me know by sending an email to webmaster at house-of-music dot com (turn that into format, thanks).

 [My Main Musical Influences] |  [Nifty Music Sources (Links)] |  [Musician Websites of Special Interest] |  [Links to Various Artist Pages] |  [What I Am/Have Been Listening To] |  [Confessions of a Music Addict] |
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