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An alphabetical listing of links to various musician pages. Including +*+ those hosted in the House of Music, *** major musical influences, ** recurring listening favourites, ++ other favourites, and those that struck my fancy. Admittedly subjective, reflecting my personal listening tastes plus performers I feel have characteristics in common with the tone of the list. Or my passion for surf music. (yes, I own recordings by David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Queen, Madonna, and Joan Jett ... but I'm sure there are other lists of links that can help you out there)

Some drum/percussion artists may be included here, but for a more extensive set of links, see my Heart of the Music Drums and Percussion page.

Note that many of these sites are designed with graphics and/or sound, and look best using Netscape, MSIE, or a similar browser).

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[Links last checked March 30, 1997].



Margie Adam: Margie's been around for 25 years singing her special brand of tender love songs, fierce songs of conscience and driving that 9-foot Steinway piano all over America's concert stages. You may know her "Unicorn Song" recorded by Peter Paul & Mary. Or maybe "Tender Lady" recorded by Cris Williamson.

++Caroline Aiken - long-time member of the Athens/Atlanta, Georgia music scene, named as an influence by the Indigo Girls. Check out the album reviews, photos and sound samples on her pages. Her new album, Butler Field was released in September 1997!

**Jeffrey Altergott - Chicago-based singer-songwriter.



***Joan Baez: one of the major musical influences of my listening life.

Black '47

++ Frances Black: Another of those "Black Family voices", Frances opts for a more pop-oriented style, backed by instrumental mainstays of Irish music and showcasing material by American, UK and Irish songwriters.

***Mary Black: Irish artiste with a repertoire ranging from traditional to Irish-based contemporary pop, country & jazz, incredible crystal voice and amazing taste in song selection. Another of my major musical influences My page includes links to other sites with information on her. (Note: site location changed March 1998)

++Boiled In Lead - Minneapolis, Minnesota-based band, with Celtic origins but combining rock and Middle Eastern influences in their distinctive sound. Pages include:

Bryndle - Karla Bonoff, Kenny Edwards and Wendy Waldman.


**Kate Campbell - this Nashville-based singer/songwriter credits the writings of Eudora Welty, particularly One Writer's Beginnings as a major influence. Something of "Nashville meets the Delta", Kate's music explores life in the South - and life in general - both the expected and the unexpected.

Capercaillie - A blend of traditional gaelic folk, and world music, often with a contemporary twist ... and always featuring Karen Matheson's wonderful voice!

*** Mary Chapin Carpenter: 3rd of my major musical influences. My "Joan Baez of the 1980s and 90s". Her "scotch, smoke & honey" voice is just one of the instruments that combines with her amazing use of the American English language in her lyrics.

Celtic Aire. Just when you thought they were a Celtic band .... have you ever heard the classic surf instrumental, Wipeout done with bagpipes????!!!!! They have a new recording out in 1997. Check out the details.

Clannad - in the US, perhaps the best-known Celtic music or New Age band. Also the family group with which Enya began performing. Maire Brennan has several recordings out on her own as well.

Shawn Colvin

++Mary Coughlan - a female singer from Ireland, but certainly in a class by herself. Amazing passionate voice, smokey blues/jazz delivery. During September-October 1997, toured the States in support of her new album on V2 records: "After The Fall".

**Cowboy Junkies. The combination of the dark underlying bass and guitar, Margo Timmons' voice, and the sometimes oh so elusive lyric imagery just hook me!

++The Cranberries:

++ Catie Curtis - yes, another formerly New England-based singer that it took an Internet/Compuserve connection to introduce me to her music!


Dick Dale - King of the Surf Guitar. Dick Dale and the horde of surf/hot rod instrumental and vocal groups which emulated him make up a hefty portion of my LP collection! Long before Pulp Fiction, there was Dick Dale. (To see what this man does with an electric guitar and 14 gauge strings is amazing). I had a link for him, but it closed down. Am pulling together some new links (April 1997)

De Dannan

**Sandy Denny - so unfortunate we lost this English singer with the amazing voice so young. I hear shades of her voice in Niamh Parsons, and Irish singer Mary Black covers at least one of her songs frequently.

Ani DiFranco - Deb's page of links will get you anywhere!

**Yvonne Doll - Chicago based (currently) singer-songwriter, in whose audiences I can frequently be found!

** The Drovers Chicago-based band with a growing national presence, you may recall a previous lineup of this band from the film Blink with Madelaine Stowe, and a brief appearance at the wedding reception in Backdraft.


++ Melissa Etheridge:


++Melissa Ferrick - pages by:

Ferron. Meet this Canadian singer/songwriter at two sites:

Flash Girls - contemporary and traditional folk

Alasdair Fraser - amazing Celtic fiddler


++ Nanci Griffith: (Her March 1997 release, Blue Roses From the Moon explores her wide range of musical interests - from folk to Texas honkytonk to 50s rock 'n roll. Her 1999 release with the London Symphony Orchestra, The Dust Bowl Symphony, places old favorites in a new context!)


Annie Haslam

Martin Hayes - supurb celtic fiddler

Carolyn Hester Carolyn Hester Recordings at

++ Tish Hinojosa. If you haven't yet heard this Tejano singer/songwriter, you're missing a treat. I particularly enjoy some of her songs delivered in Spanish - there's a beauty to them that transcends language.


Janis Ian

++ The Indigo Girls - Amy Ray and Emily Saliers produce sweet harmonies with their contrasting yet complementary guitar styles and vocals. Deb's Page is the best place to start!.
Indigo Girls' Recordings at

Irish Weavers - ballad folk and traditional, from Cork, Ireland


John Jennings. Producer, multi-instrumental musician extraordinaire - with a solo album, Buddy, released by Vanguard during 1996. Sometimes known as Mary Chapin Carpenter's music al collaborator. See his site for some fascinating bits of wisdom, including .... Sea Monkeys!
John Jennings Recordings at

Howard Jones:

Janis Joplin (Sony Music)


Lucy Kaplansky

Jimmy Keane - this Irishman can get wonderful sounds out of a piano accordian; Lawrence Welk music it ain't!!



++Patty Larkin - great guitar work, poignant and insightful lyrics, and a wicked sense of humor. I had to go to Newport, Rhode Island, to discover this New England-based Milwaukee native! Pages by:

Las Toallitas - Chicago band with a sound sometimes described as Latin Gypsey Circus Funk (there's a sound sample on their page you can use to judge for yourself)

Christine Lavin - an amazing musician in her own right, I'm even more amazed by the effort she devotes to supporting other musicians, and am sure she's responsible for the successful start of many careers! (A simultaneously silly and deep sense of humor in her music, too). Her website ( is her record company!

Kristin Lems

The Levellers

++Sinead Lohan: (opening cut on the Irish A Woman's Heart 2 compilation, this young singer-songwriter from Cork has been touring the UK and Europe for several years, and is beginning to emerge on the US music scene with her 1998 recording, "No Mermaid".


Ashley MacIsaac - Cape Breton fiddler, whose talents were revealed to the rest of North America through opening for some of rocker Melissa Etheridge's Canadian dates in early 1996, as well as the US touring of The Chieftans during summer 1996. Not strictly trad. or rock or ?? - but a fascinating combination. (I admit I'm more partial to the rock and ceilie tunes)

Dougie Maclean

++Dave Mallett - wonder where the "garden song" that Arlo Guthrie so frequently sings came from? And check out the guest artists doing backing vocals on his albums! (a sideways reference to appearances by folks like Kathy Mattea and Nancy Griffith)

++Love Travels: The Kathy Mattea Home Page - a wonderfully warm voice AND personality, with music that record stores and radio stations seem to place in country, but I find firmly rooted simultaneously in at least folk, country and gospel! Recently remodelled - Spring 1997

++Eleanor McEvoy - a not-to-be-missed young singer-songwriter, from Ireland (I'm a sucker for her great violin & fiddle work, as well as the lyrics!!). Her second album, What's Following Me?, was released in Europe and the US during 1996, and Snapshots in 1999. The Eleanor McEvoy Official WWW Home Page - bio, reviews, album cover photos, and sound samples. Including for the new album!. Way cool for an official site! (Thanks to Brian Greene)
Eleanor McEvoy Recordings at

Loreena McKennitt

**+*+ Susan McKeown - Susan McKeown interweaves myths, images & tunes from her Irish homeland with rock, progressive jazz & world music influences, using her voice as one of the instruments.

++ Sarah McLachlan
Sarah McLachlan Recordings at

Carolyn Mclaughlin - if you like Loreena McKennitt or Clannad, check this Canadian singer's sound out!

Joni Mitchell

++ The Mollys Official web pages - a Tucson, Arizona-based band performing Irish, Mexican and American folk and contemporary music. Their new album, Hat Trick has been released on Apokalips Now Records, and is, IMHO, their coolest one yet! Bass player Dan Sorenson is constantly changing the pages on their site, so be sure to check back often. (They contain, among other things, band photos, tour schedule, info on band members, notes from the road, and song samples.) And watch for them at a music festival near you.

++Thom Moore - American-born, Irish songwriter whose work is frequently covered by Mary Black. "Gorgeous and Bright" is a wonderful listening experience, as he presents his own material. His website (new 1998) gives an idea of the amazing variety & depth of his productivity - musical and otherwise!!

**Lisa Moscatiello - the things this woman's voice can do with songs that range from traditional to contemporary, Richard Thompson to Lucinda Williams, Celtic, English, Scottish, American mountain music .... Site includes sound samples from Lisa's album, "Innocent When You Dream". Unfortunately for me, Washington, DC isn't close enough to Chicago!

Muck Brothers



** Maura O'Connell.: Sometimes I can't tell which I enjoy more: listening to her wonderful song interpretations, or to her comments during interviews, talking *about* music. Yet another of "those voices".
Maura O'Connell site at Rykodisc

Sinead O'Connor

++October Project - great musical arrangements, powerful lyrics, and Mary Fahl's voice!! Unfortunately the original group has split up, after being dropped by their label. But! November Project has been formed by some original members and some new musicians.

But - if you can find an OP recording at a used CD store - or see a performance which includes Mary Fahl, do take advantage of it!

Old Blind Dogs. Great music (but a pretty slow-loading entry page graphic. Sorry.


++ Niamh Parsons & the Loose Connections: Another amazing voice, to my ears a cross between Sandy Denny and Dolores Keane (judge for yourself from the sound samples on their site), and accompanied by a wonderful group of musicians, whose names are likely familiar to those who follow Irish music. A new album, "Loosen Up" was released during 1996! (heard some of the songs and tunes during their Chicago gig in February of 1996), and "Thrushes and Blackbirds" during 1999.

Chicago's Liz Phair

The Pogues



The Official Ratsy Fan Club - the soon to be ... Extra Super Famous Songstress Gal.

Northern Lights, The Renaissance Web Page. Also, check out Annie Haslam's site

Jean Ritchie - "classic" performer, collector, and in some ways "curator" of Appalachian traditional music

Mae Robertson/Don Jackson: “All Through The Night” - neat listening for both adult and child, alike!


+*+Ellen Rosner - Chicago area singer-songwriter, gal-with-a-guitar, with a voice and songs you just have to hear! (RealAudio clips available)


Jane Siberry

Jill Sobule:

'Sons of the Never Wrong'

Carol Steele - one of my favourite percussionists, currently performing with Joan Baez and Howard Jones.


Tempes - Celtic rock and more



Suzanne Vega


Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Elisa Welch specializes in an intriguing musical hybrid she likes to call Left Coast Neoceltic Folk.

**Susan Werner: guitar playing reminiscent of Patty Larkin, Sarah Hickman and Shawn Colvin, with lyrics that use language with the simplicity yet complexity of Nanci Griffith, Sarah McLachlan or Joni Mitchell. Yet making the language and the instruments (guitar & piano) her own. comments to her lyrics; great insights into the singer & music!

++Cheryl Wheeler - yet another of those New England-based singer-songwriters that I didn't discover until the wonders of the 'net! This is her Official unofficial site, maintained as a labor of love for her music by Bill Pringle. (isn't that the reason that a lot of us put the effort we do into sharing our interests with others on the Net!)

Whirligig - this group deftly combines Irish and Celtic roots with Eastern European, other world and contemporary music influences. The group's vocalist is Lisa Moscatiello.

Dar Williams - I'm beginning to sound like a broken record, but yet another of those New England-based singer-songwriters who is breaking into the national - and international, thanks to her appearances with Joan Baez and on Joan's album "Ring Them Bells". This Site has photos and sound samples, including the duet with Joan Baez

++Kate Wolf - this folk/country artist is mentioned often by Nanci Griffith as one of her strongest influences. In my opinion, you owe it to yourself to check her out! This Owl Productions site is the official Kate Wolf site, managed by her family.




Missing in Electronic Space

There are several great listensgreat listensing for whom I've not yet found web sites (although several have e-mail addresses):

++ Deiseal (Cormac Breatnach's instrumental group), sometime opener for Eleanor McEvoy

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