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I bought my first computer (a Commodore 64) in order to catalog my records - vinyl and CDs. I ended up using it mainly to run jobs for work & check their status in the evenings (job queue ran faster after hours!) and to dial up local bulletin boards and Compuserve. Continued collecting music (that phase: Springsteen, David Bowie, Go-Gos, filling in my vinyl for 50s drummers like Sandy Nelson and 50s surf bands).

Eventually I ran into the limit for the database product I was using - although I was far from done with my cataloging; also note that I had not stopped purchasing music. So, I just had to buy a new computer. Ended up with a 286 with turbo speeds - the option to run at 6-8-10 Mhz (don't die laughing, please!). Tried again with a new format database.

Didn't stop buying records and CDs. Continued using Compuserve's MusicArts and Rocknet Forums and the Music Section of the Collectibles Forum. Discovered Internet mailing lists - the folk_music group. Added Prodigy, AOL, and a local Internet Service Provider. Started a website devoted to local music. Discovered more music through these resources. Had to buy more vinyl and CDs.

Somewhere in here, I basically stopped listening to local (Chicago, City of) commercial radio stations; this was "helped" along when fellow Elmhurst College alumna, Terri Hemmert, switched away from the a.m. shift to later in the day. Somehow the airwaves seemed filled with formula single-featured-track programming and DJs who were more interested in listening to their own sense of humor and coolness.

1998 ... my radio listening continues to be minimal. My CD and recording purchases - and discovery of exciting new music continues unabated! There is a new trend in radio which offers an intriguing way to discover good (in my own opinion, of course) radio - stations are beginning to broadcast some of their programs via the Internet! Coming this year: links to some of these ...

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