Confessions of a Music Addict

One of my musical confessions is that, for some artists, I have two sets of their recordings - one at home and one at work! Generally the second set arose because I so frequently carried the CDs or tapes between the two locations or found myself wanting to play an album which I had left in the other location. These include (alphabetized, since I seem to change my rankings weekly ... daily ... hourly): Frances Black, Mary Black, Mary-Chapin Carpenter, Melissa Etheridge, Melissa Ferrick, Eleanor McEvoy, Susan McKeown/the chanting house, Lisa Moscatiello, Susan Werner, and the two Irish "A Woman's Heart" compilations.

If you've browsed around my site, gotten an idea of my musical passions, and wonder why Joan Baez isn't on the above list ... the answer is simple: that list is those for whom I have a duplicate complete set of their recordings at work. There isn't sufficient space on my file shelf at work for a complete set of Joan's recordings!!! I make do (most satisfactorily, IMHO) with the quite wonderful retrospective "Joan Baez Greatest Hits (backlot memories)" that A&M released this past year; the album that revives memories of my most amazing travelling for music - 1995's "Ring Them Bells" - recorded during four concerts at The Bottom Line in New York City during April of 1995; and Joan's new 23 September 1997 release, "Gone From Danger" (see Joan's Website for details on this newest album - as well as her past projects).

Travelling For Music - or, what is a vacation?

Further confessions ... I spend a considerable amount of time attending live concerts and informal music sessions here in Chicago, as well as arranging 'vacations' to other cities in conjunction with concerts or music festivals. As a result, there are some artists I've had the chance to hear 4-6 times (in Chicago - or elsewhere) during a twelve-month period, and some that I even see/hear monthly or more frequently!

A particularly enjoyable part of this is the opportunity to hear many different arrangements and renditions of the same songs, as well as 'songs in progress', some of which never make it to an album - and also to experience the evolution of an artist, the growth of their skills (one of my favourites here is Susan Werner's guitar playing, not that she was a slouch the "first" time, opening for Leo Kottke at the Park West - but rather to see the new techniques and strengths!)

Who Was I Listening To, Live?


Alphabetically: Mary Chapin Carpenter (Atlanta, Chicago, Washington DC), the Drovers and Sean Cleland & Friends, Eleanor McEvoy (Chicago - twice), Susan Werner, Wilding and Kathleen Keane & Friends.


Probably my peak year for travels, some of which are documented separately on My Musical Fantasy pages. Alphabetical again: Joan Baez (NYC, Newport Folk Festival, Chicago), Mary Black (NYC - 4x, Newport Folk Festival, Chicago), Mary Chapin Carpenter (NYC, Poughkeepsie, LA's Greek Theatre, Newport Folk Festival, Chicago), Janis Ian (NYC, Chicago), McGarrigle Sisters (NYC, Chicago), Wilding, Indigo Girls (NYC, Newport Folk Festival), Susan Werner (Chicago - 3 times), Carnival of Faith (Jilly Idle and Jeffrey Altergott), Susan McKeown and the chanting house (NYC - 4 times/2 trips) Frances Black (Chicago and St. Louis),


Eleanor McEvoy (returned to Chicago, finally!), Melissa Ferrick (Chicago - twice), Susan Werner (Chicago - 3 times), Carnival of Faith (Jilly Idle and Jeffrey Altergott), Ellen Rosner, Mary Chapin Carpenter (Washington, DC), Joan Baez (Chicago), Dar Williams


Melissa Ferrick (Chicago - 2 openers, 1 show), Mary Chapin Carpenter (Chicago), Ellen Rosner (Chicago - multiples, NYC), 3 Fried Rice (Jeffrey Altergott and Yvonne Doll), Susan Werner (Chicago - 2x), Mary Black (Chicago - the unmemorable House of Blues), Indigo Girls (Chicago), k. d. lang (Chicago - Rosemont Theatre, quite a nifty venue).

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