MARY BLACK: best songs album

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Original Issue date: 1992 - Japan

Issue Formats:

King - KICP 280 (Japan)

Musicians as on original recordings cited.

Track List:

  1. Another Day (Jimmy McCarthy) (3:51) - 'No Frontiers'
  2. No Frontiers (Jimmy McCarthy) (3:58) - 'No Frontiers'
  3. By the Time It Gets Dark (Sandy Denny) (3:47) - 'Without the Fanfare'
  4. Without the Fanfare (Mick Hanly) (5:05) - 'By the Time it Gets Dark'
  5. Adam At the Window (Jimmy MacCarthy) (4:17) - 'Babes In the Wood'
  6. Bright Blue Rose (Jimmy McCarthy) (4:04) - 'Babes In the Wood'
  7. Thorn Upon The Rose (Julie Matthews) (4:45) - 'Babes In the Wood'
  8. Katie (Jimmy McCarthy) (4:40) - mistakenly cited to 'Babes In the Wood' in the inlay booklet; actually 'By the Time It Gets Dark'
  9. Rose of Allendale (trad.) (4:41) - 'By the Time it Gets Dark'
  10. The Water Is Wide (trad.) (3:54) - 'Without The Fanfare'
  11. Moon River (Henry Mancini/John Mercer) (3:06) - 'By the Time it Gets Dark'
  12. Tearing Up the Town (Noel Brazil) (4:22) - recorded for this album
  13. The Moon and St. Christopher (Mary Chapin Carpenter) (4:05) - recorded for this album
  14. Song For Ireland (Phil Colclough) (4:57) - 'Collected'

Album Note: The inlay booklet prints the track list and lyrics in both Japanese and English, but also includes 2 pages of text - presumably bio information - in Japanese only. If anyone can provide translation of this booklet, it would be greatly appreciated! Let me know - "webmaster at" (removing the "quotes" and spaces, and substituting @ for at)

The album cover is a black and white photo of Mary in yet another famous leather jacket - but of the black leather "biker" (motorcycle) variety rather than the brown leather one on the cover of the "Mary Black" album, which was truncated from the version of that album's cover that was used for American consumption (this from an interview with Mary that appeared in a Connecticut/New York music newspaper during her "Holy Ground" tour in 1993... I have misplaced the newspaper, so can't give the appropriate credit or quote). One of Mary's leather jackets is also mentioned in the 'thank yous' on sister Frances Black's first solo album, as "(and lending me her leather jacket)" .

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